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Laura Dargan

Laura grew up in Columbia, SC before attending College of Charleston and deciding that Charleston was where she wanted to live. Art was always a part of her life and a passion but never something that she thought could be a full time career. After exploring a few different career paths and realizing that none of them were for her, Laura picked up art again and decided to pursue a career as an artist. Laura is self-taught and loves to experiment with different techniques and products. Each body of work she creates is an evolution of her process and is influenced by various sources of inspiration. “No body of work is the same. With each work I create I am building upon the last. Learning new techniques and perfecting old ones. It is always a process and growth does not happen without change.” Laura’s work explores the interaction between unexpected color combinations and irregular shapes. Her goal is to create visual energy that is specific to the viewer. By composing designs without any suggestion of representation, the viewer has a chance to connect with the painting in their own way. Laura’s work embodies the very idea that art is subjective.

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